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An opportunity to support the studio and for those of you who want to spend more than 3 hours in the studio per week, different options are available to suit your needs. 

founding member

For those who want to support the studio in a big way and have full access to the resources and unlimited time in the studio. 


Enjoy all the workshops and classes offered as well as 1 space in summer camp and 1 space in a child's class. 25% off merchandise. 


2085 nis per month x 12

senior member

For those who want to enjoy full use of the studio and workshops.


Enjoy 20% off kids and other classes and 25% off merchandise.


1500 nis per month x 12

studio member

For those who want full use of the studio. 


Enjoy 20% off workshops and other classes and 10% off summer camp. 


1170 nis per month 

workshop member

For those of you who want to attend all or most of the 20 workshops over the course of the year. 


3995 nis per year (333 nis per month x 12)

265 nis per workshop, 510 for 2

1500 nis for 6 workshops.

co-op member

For those who want full use of the studio and are able to contribute to the running of the studio. 


3 hours of exchange work in the studio per week. (office works, web management, studio maintenance, studio monitors, class assistants etc). 

10% off all classes and workshops. 


958 nis per month x 12 + 12 hours a month

770 nis per month x 12 + 20 hours a month



summer member

For those who will only be able to work in July and August. Studio is open from 2 pm onward except Wednesday.


1600 nis (800 nis x 2)


private studio member

For those who want to work independently. 24-7 access.


1600 nis per month private

1180 nis per month semi-private (shared by 2)


Member is responsible for all materials and tools.

Use of slab-roller, wheel and kiln time available. 


Contact me directly. 


A limited number of assistantships are available for exchange work in the studio. 


Must be able to committ to work minimum of 3 hours per week in exchange for studio time. 


Not suitable for production potters.


Contact me directly.  


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