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Over the course of the year unique clay workshops will be offered to help build your skills in clay and insprire new ways of working.

Do one, do 5, do them all or do them twice! All workshops can be done separately though surface design depends on work from previous workshops. 265 nis per workshop, 1420 nis for 6 workshops. 3050 for all 14 workshops. 

Registration required. 



Black, White & Color All Over

December 8 & 22

February 13 & 27 Mondays 7-10 pm 

Using black clay and porcelain slips we will create painterly bowls and platters inspired by Linda Styles.


Session 1: we will make a set of pinched bowls and a fun platter.  


Session 2: we will be using colored porcelain slips to decorate and draw into the raw clay.


*All those who participated in the summer workshop are invited to participate (free of charge). Please register.


265 each session or 500 nis for both.

Peering through Porcelain

January 9 & 23

Using thrown or hand-built porcelain bowls and cups, we will use varnish, slips and carving techniques to achieve translucent effects. 

Session 1: we will make cups and bowls out of porcelain which will be used in session 2. 

Session 2: using our bowls and cups we will explore 3 different techniques which will decorate and enhance the translucent quality of porcelain

500 nis 

Wall Pieces and Porcelain Playground

February 2,  16, & March 2

3 sessions - Thursdays 9-12

Porcelain clay embodies a beautiful translucency and a soothing sound. In this workshop we will explore how to create work of wall art with clay and other porcelain objects including using a resist wiping technique used to create beautiful designs exposing the clay to more light. 

Session 1: we will design and begin to make our wall and other pieces.

Session 2: we work on the finishes for the fired ceramics.

Session 3: we will assemble the piece.

265 each session or 500 nis for both. 715 for all three.


Elongated Platters – The Gail Kendall Way

March 6 & 20

2 sessions - Mondays 9-12


Gail Kendall creates fun and whimsical ceramic pieces. Together we will make footed elongated platters.


Session 1: making the platters


Session 2: discovering new decorating techniques.

265 each session or 500 nis for both.

A Set of Majolica

April 6 & 20

2 sessions - Thursdays 9-12

Return of a favorite - Traditional Italian and Spanish Majolica technique made modern.


Session 1: we will create a set of 4 (bowls, plates or cups) out of terracotta clay.


Session 2: will be painting using the majolica technique.


265 nis each session or 500 nis for both. Stain set 65 nis can be purchased.

Ceramic Jewelry and Neriage

May 4, 18 & June 1

2-3 sessions (depending on your designs) Thursdays 9-12

Simple or complex, ceramic makes great jewelry. Come create and explore how to make necklaces and earring with porcelain, paper clay and more. We will include using neriage blocks that can be used to create unique and beautiful designs. 


Session 1: design and make pieces.


Session 2: glazing, staining etc.


Session 3:  assembling.


Fittings will be available to purchase or bring your own. (string, closures, earring hooks etc).

265 each session or 500 nis for both. 715 for all three.







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