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Elisabeth Applbaum
artist member

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"Working at the Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center - Studio Works  has changed my art practice, my career, and me personally. When I first found Mallory and her studio six months ago, both the studio  and I were at different places in our trajectories than we are now. I would not be where I am  without the support of Mallory and this studio filled with inspiring ceramicists. Since the studio is also at a significant crossroads, I am grateful to have the chance to change its course in the same way that it has changed my own.


I came to Mallory with an idea for the largest project I had ever attempted. The first big change was that I decided to start working on a  project only about a week after conceiving of the idea, where usually I let ideas germinate for months or years. I spoke to Mallory on the phone and immediately knew I was making the right decision in choosing her studio. While I had no experience working in ceramics, we found many other artistic commonalities. More than that, her supportive teaching style was immediately obvious. From my very first day in the studio, Mallory gave me clear, concise explanations that made the basic building blocks of ceramics logical and easy to remember. But most of all, she made it clear from day one that she both supported my idea and the completion of it. My first day in the studio, Mallory suggested that my project would be a fitting addition to the Jerusalem Biennale group she was curating and I've worked on the project full-time ever since.


Because of the sheer scope of this idea, there have been countless unpredictable issues along the way and I would have convinced myself that the project was ridiculous long ago had it not been for Mallory’s support. Apparently, what I needed most in my career was someone to believe in my work more than I do so that I would have someone else to convince when I concluded that an idea was not worth completing. Mallory went above and beyond by helping me re-plan my calendar every time I hit a new  unforeseeable issue. We set out clear deadlines at the end of February and when I missed them due to technical issues, she spent even more of her valuable time helping me figure out how to adjust the schedule. And when she walked in and saw me close to tears, she made a decent therapist too!


I have never had anyone actively show their complete support of my work to this extent and the effect on my confidence is immeasurable. Before I met Mallory, I wondered if I would ever really feel like a successful artist. I walked into her office and I knew that I would. She has shown me that my hard work pays off and that I can even earn a place for myself in the Jerusalem art community. Mallory deserves the same kind of support for her ideas. She has already changed the lives of countless artists and artisans in Jerusalem and there are so many more that could benefit from her talents if they knew where to find her. She is one of those famous Jerusalem miracles I always heard about. I have no question".


Lynne Weinstein

"I have been a student at the studio for many years (as have many of her students!). She is an incredibly gifted artist and teacher and has created a supportive, enriching artist community.


Her studio is very organized and abundant with resources. I have consistently improved upon my skills and range of abilities under Mallory's tutelage. And to Mallory's great credit, I do not think there is a ceramic feat she cannot teach!


As well, my daughters are students of Mallory's and in the past few years, have not only developed artistic skills but thrived in the supportive and creative environment that abounds at the studio".

Andi Arnovitz

"The studio is a beloved resource where I can go and have my ideas turned into reality. Many art installations, in both museums and art galleries have been studied, worked on and improved upon at the Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center. Without Mallory's keen guidance and expertise, many of my ideas and projects would never have seen the light of day".


Susie Sawicki

"I have been studying ceramics with Mallory at the Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center for the past ten years. It has become such an important part of my life—allowing me to be creative- without pressure; sharing time with talented women; providing balance to my high pressured work (and sitting on the computer all day); and learning so much from Mallory's talent and sense of aesthetics.


With life in Jerusalem so full of tension and challenges, it is wonderful to have a calm and supportive refuge to go to"!


"I have been an assistant in the studio since 2002 preparing the glazes and have known and worked with Mallory now for over 13 years. All the people coming thru the studio share in the interest of making the 'studio' a fun, and learning environment. Mallory always is ready to help with our projects and to see each piece to its finale". 


Elana Rose 
studio assistant
Chaya Ester Ort 

"I have tried five different ceramic studios since moving to Jerusalem eight years ago. Jerusalem Ceramic Arts is the hands down winner!


Mallory runs a brilliantly designed and well-organized studio packed with resouces, glazes, tools, and equipment that make working on my craft a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable experience. 


Mallory is a gifted and experienced artist, teacher, and studio director, who has made countless valuable suggestions as she notices me working on my various projects. I have learned so much from her, and I am gratified by how my range of styles, methods and craftsmanship has grown. 


Working at the studio is always a highlight of my week"!


Susie Muller
studio assistant

"The Studio is a haven for me in Jerusalem. It is a place for me to express my inner self through clay and connect with other creatives. After I made aliyah in 2013 I was looking for a beautiful studio where I could learn and continue to grow in my craft, this studio exceeded my expectations in every way. Contributing my time and energy to help the studio function is a great trade for the chance to work in the studio. Additionally, Mallory is such a dedicated instructor and mentor and I couldn't be more grateful I found this studio".


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