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                    Art & Design Classes


Are you a working artist or designer but never made it to Art School? Are you serious about learning more about art and design? These 3 fundamental courses are geared towards deepening your understanding and use of abstract elements of design. Each one of these 3 courses explores one of the fundamentals of "seeing". Each course is 8-weeks each take place over the year focusing on one aspect of the foundations of art and design. This course is critical to anyone who is serious about making art or is in the design world and building confidence your work. Learn the magic behind great design. 


Light, Color & Design


Color is the poetry of the world. We are surrounded it, we wear it, we live in it. But what makes it and how do we choose to put colors together? As designers this is a large part of our work. Understanding the fundamentals of how color works is crucial to successful design. 


In this course we will study what makes up color: hue, tone and value. Through various projects we will learn how we see and use color and how can we add that to our creative "toolbox" 


No previous experience needed.

6 Weeks

Mondays 4-7 pm

Starting Dec 13, 2021

2150 nis ( or 725 nis x 3)

(does not include supplies)


3-Dimensional Design


Plane, surface, direction all add up to the abstract elements of 3-dimensional design. Through various projects we will discover the magic of visual tension and relationships. As designers we use this daily in space planning and general design. A MUST CLASS FOR ANYONE SERIOUS ABOUT ART AND DESIGN. 


In this course we will study how to create visual tension, how dominant, sub-dominant and subordinate elements work together to define Design. Learning the magic of these spatial relationships with activate your design sense and bring life to your design practice. 

7 weeks

Mondays 4-7 pm

Starting February 7, 2022

2750 nis (or 920 nis x 3)

includes supplies 





Getting our hand and eye to work together in the process of "seeing" is a skill we explore in the drawing class. Essential skills are needed when creating 2-D and 3-D plans. Even if you are drawing digitally it will enhance your skills and sharpen your eye.

In this course we will study: perspective, shading/tone, visual texture, negative and positive space, line, and how to see space with not only with our eyes but to feel it in our body. These essential skills will aid in your ability to visualize and create higher level drawings. 

No previous experience needed.

Additional materials required.



Mondays 4-7 pm

Starting May 2, 2022

2350 nis (or 790 nis x 3)

includes most supplies

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