For those who have some experience working in clay, or who have completed the Tools & Techniques beginners course.


This Independent study time is designed for you to create your own projects with the guidance of an instructor. 


Fall & Spring Semesters each eighteen (18) sessions:

September 1 - January 24  

February 7 - June 20


Wednesday mornings: 9 AM-12 noon

NIS 565 per month - 3 hour session

Tuesday evenings: 6:30 - 9 PM

NIS 485 per month - 2.5 hour session 

Summer Studio Hours: 

Tuesday evenings: 6:30 - 9 PM

8 sessions July & August NIS 1080

2.5 hour session

Summer member:

(daily use after 3 PM except

Tuesdays between 4-7 PM)

July - NIS 880

August - NIS 970

or NIS 1590 for July & August



This is the prerequisite for Adult Clay. In this course, beginners learn basic hand-building techniques and many of the tools of the craft.  A must for newcomers, or for those who want to refresh their skills. 


Over the six weeks, you will explore: pinch pots, coil building, slab building, slump molds, and sculpting, along with many painting techniques. 

Each class is 2.5 hours:

Tuesday evenings: 6:30 - 9 PM


Wednesday mornings: 9:30 AM-12noon


NIS 1150 for six sessions.





Private lessons on the wheel are available to those with no previous experience or who want to refresh their skills. 


NIS 190 for 1 hour lesson

NIS 240 for 1.5 hour lesson

NIS 340 for 2 people for 1.5 hours

non-registered individual 


NIS 175 for 1 hour lesson as

registered student of the studio


Includes materials and firing.


Contact the studio to schedule a lesson. 




A variety of unique workshops throughout the year and during the summer are offered.

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