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We are committed to providing people of all ages the opportunity to explore creativity and fostering creative thinking and so further enhancing the personal and cultural environment of Jerusalem.
Who is at the studio?

"There is no place I would rather be than in the studio. For nearly 15 years I have spent my days creating and building, what I think, is the best studio in Jerusalem. 


So many amazing kids and adults come through the doors, inspiring an atmosphere of warmth, friendship, creativity, sharing and support. 


Nothing is better in life than walking in to "work" everyday feeling grateful, excited, ready to create, share and anticipate all the creative challenges that await..." 

Abbie Greenberg 


"I love my time in the studio.  It is clean,  bright, organized and stocked with every supply I could ever think of and many that I would never have even imagined but luckily Mallory has! Mallory's artistic range is huge and she offers help on and adds value to the projects of even her most skilled student. The studio draws wonderful people. My hours in her studio are  among my favorite times of the week".

"The studio is a beloved resource where I can go and have my ideas turned into reality. Many art installations, in both museums and art galleries have been studied, worked on and improved upon at the Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center. Without Mallory's keen guidance and expertise, many of my ideas and projects would never have seen the light of day".

"I have never had anyone actively show their complete support of my work to this extent and the effect on my confidence is immeasurable. Before I met Mallory, I wondered if I would ever really feel like a successful artist. I walked into her office and I knew that I would. She has shown me that my hard work pays off and that I can even earn a place for myself in the Jerusalem art community. Mallory deserves the same kind of support for her ideas. She has already changed the lives of countless artists and artisans in Jerusalem and there are so many more that could benefit from her talents if they knew where to find her. She is one of those famous Jerusalem miracles I always heard about. I have no question".